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DD Computer Services LLC has been providing small and medium sized businesses IT services since 2010. We come to your office whenever your technology has issues. We also provide remote support services which allow us to remotely connect to any of your computers with your permission and attempt to solve the issues that you are having, if the issue is not fixable remotely then we can schedule an appointment to stop by your office and fix all issues that you are having. In some cases clients prefer to have a monthly agreement set in place which is unique for each type of business.Then we can support that office on a monthly basis. Those specific details are discussed when an office decides to go on such an agreement. contact us if your office requires any IT services.

Tip of the Week

Helpful need to know tips

Many technical issues can be either avoided or solved much quicker if the user, ask's for professional help right away as opposed to waiting weeks later, when the issue can become more serious, or instead of attempting to fix it themselves and possibly making it worse as well. So remember next time you have computer and/or tech based issues.


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Serving The New York City Area, DD Computer Services LLC offers a wide range of computer repair services. We fix various computer issues such as viruses, slow computers, network setup and more. click below to view our wide range of services. You can also email us, or contact us on facebook with any service related questions.