At DD Computer Services LLC we offer a wide range of services such as computer repair services, business services, data recovery services and more, we solve most computer issues whether you caught a virus, your computer is running slow or you simply need something installed no problem, click below on the service category that suits you and read more about what we offer and then feel free to contact us by calling us at (347)-871-3348 or emailing us at or simply click the contact us menu button on the top or bottom of this page.

Computer Repair Services

Computer repairs mostly for home users consisting of services such as general computer repair, virus cleaning, software installations, router setup and more..

Business Services

Services for businesses who require support on computers and networks and other issues, hourly and monthly based services available. Ask about our remote support services as well

Data Recovery Services

What is the most important part of your computer? believe it or not it's actually your hard drive because it has all those important memories and they can not be replaced that is where data recovery services come in click below to find out more information.

Custom Build Computers

Are you a gamer? do you want to create a lightshow with your computer? we can build a custom build computer for you with all of the specifications that you need for your games and it can have bright lights and more just like in the picture click below for more info and to view our gallery of work.