Past Tips

Tip #6
Did you know that users who are still using windows xp are under a much greater risk than those who have a minimum of windows 7 or higher installed? Keep your windows updated!

Tip #6
Everyone loves to use their electronic devices to browse the internet,
check their email, play games, and more. They also like to enjoy
something to drink while browsing on tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. However mixing the two together can cause
a bad situation, if the liquid accidently meets one of the devices, it can for
sure damage your device. So keep your drinks away from your electronic

Tip #5
Did you know that when charging your laptop you should disconnect the charging cable once the charge reaches 100% ? Failure to do so can overcharge and eventually damage your laptops battery.

Tip #4
When using a public computer or a computer at a friends house make sure to always log out of your email and other social networking sites as well.

Tip #3
Did you know that by placing your laptop on your bed, couch or on yourself, you can cause the laptop to overheat and die? By placing it on your legs or body, you're affecting yourself, this especially goes for men. So a laptop should only be used on solid surfaces, desks, tables, and/or special laptop tables. PS: a laptop should not be moved around while it is on as well

Tip #2
Did you know that the most expensive part of your computer is your hard drive? Once a hard drive fails all of those precious memories are lost and can not be replaced. Make sure to backup your files regularly.

Tip #1:
Did you know that your wireless router should be protected with a wireless security key? Having a strong wireless security key prevents others from stealing your wifi network.