Computer Repair Services


A General overview of our computer repair service and brief explanation of the service(s) so that you can get a better understanding which issue your computer falls under. If you don't see a specific service listed here or the issues that your computer is having no problem feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you with all of your computer problems and needs.

Computer Repair

General computer repair if your desktop or laptop computer doesn’t physically turn on or boot into windows, anything hardware related of your computers.

Network & Wireless Setup

We can setup your home network for you configure your wireless router with the proper security, and add all of your local and wireless devices to it as well as setting up a printer in your house which will accept prints from any computer in your household.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Does your computer feel slow lately, strange messages and advertisements popping up on your screen re-directing you to another site instead of where you want to go. you most likely have a virus on your computer and your computer needs to be diagnosed as quick as possible in order to prevent the virus from spreading around your computer and infecting your data.

Antivirus Installation

Every windows based computer need an Antivirus protection software installed to protect the computer from malcious software and viruses, if your computer does not have this installed contact us as soon as possible and we will install one of the best protection software's out there.

Installations & Upgrades

Computers progress every single day and so does software such as applications, games and more. your computer's hardware eventually has to be upgraded to help support the newer needs of applications. were here to help diagnose your computer and see what can be upgraded on it or to let you know if it is time for a new computer.

Tune-UP System Optimization

After using a computer a long time it eventually gets piled up and starts to slow down, we can help tune-up and optimize your computer and clear it from un-needed software, temporary files, cache etc..

Operating system & Software Installation

We can re-install or install a fresh installation copy of any windows operating system and software that you need to use on a daily basis such as microsoft office, antivirus protection and other programs need for your computer to function properly.

Remote Assistance

We offer remote assistance services, where with your permission we can access your computer and provide computer support remotely if your computer is in a condition to be fixed remotely.