Business Services


DD Computer Services LLC offers services for businesses. We have a few options that are listed in more detail below. They are hourly based services which basically means when your business is having computer/network issues we come to you on an hourly rate. Option 2 is a monthly based contract where we create a unique monthly based service to fit your business needs and when you need us we will be right there. A third additonal add-on option is remote support if it can be used.

Hourly Services

If you have very little or far between needs for computer support every month, well now you can get all the benefits of a full service IT company on an hourly no obligation basis.

Monthly Contracts

Every business is unique in it's own way and no two businesses are alike which is why if your business has a lot of tech and requires month to month services and/or maintenance we can create a monthly agreement with your business to fit all of your IT needs.